Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Blog

It's been just over 18 months since I last wrote anything here. As I said in that post, my new job was wonderful, but was monopolizing all of my time and all 18 of my brain cells. No fears anymore, though- the job fell to the economy, and I have joined the legions of unemployed Americans.

However- when I can ignore the feelings of dread that come from being unemployed in this economy, I am aware of some good things that have come out of this. For instance, I had plenty of time to enjoy the holidays with my new granddaughter. Here she is enjoying some local mashed sweet potatoes. We're starting her out right! (Although I am clueless about that Eagles bib came to be on her. Must be her mother's family- I know our side of the family would have her in either a Chiefs or a Rams bib.)

Another good thing- This morning, I didn't have to get up and drive over the mountain in the ice storm. Ice storms are always more beautiful when you don't have to drive in them.

For those of you who had to drive in the ice- hope things went well for you. Wish us luck tomorrow as we start our cross-country trek to our older son's wedding.

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Robbyn said...

I'm sorry about your job, happy you get to have more time with your grandbaby, and am delighted your back to your blog...I missed you!