Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So long, fare well Auf Weidersehen, goodbye!

1 year ago today- larkspur and hollyhock, with a lone hosta

I see that it has been almost a month to the day since I last posted here. My friends Robbyn and Sveta have both come looking for me this past week. I'm sorry they had to seek me out, but it is nice to be missed!

I apologize to anyone who enjoyed reading this regularly. My new job, which is writing curricula, is terrific- I am loving it, but it drains my creative writing energy. Add to that the beginnings of the fruit season, (two weekends of picking and processing cherries, and then tonight I started processig the apricots) and you have a bad mix for keeping a blog.

I will be checking in sporadically, and I am sure as the job gets less frenetic, and as the harvest season wears down (November?) I will be able to blather on again on the blog. Untill then, check out No Impact Man and Riot for Austerity. Both blogs make me feel like a slacker, but they really make me think.

Until next time

Peace Out

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