Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Food , not Lawns

Each year about this time, I start looking at my front yard and thinking about how much wasted space is out there, covered in grass. I think about how many more vegetables and fruits I could grow if I could only convince Chuck to let me garden in the front yard. His reply is invariably "I like lawns. The back yard is yours, the front yard is mine." Personally, I thought he would jump at the chance to mow less.

Such a narrow point of view. I've always felt that we vote with our dollar- that our purchases in the free market show where our convictions lie. Perhaps we should vote with our landscaping, as well. Who knows how many people passing by my house would be encouraged to go home and plant a vegetable garden or fruit tree if they saw a flourishing crop of gorgeous purple eggplants or bright red peppers in my front yard?

Perhaps the First Lawn could serve as an agent of change. Take a look at this video.

Then visit the websites for White House Organic Farm, Foods Not Lawns, or Eat the View for more information. I'll keep working on Chuck.

*of course, there is the distinct possibility that someone from the homeowners association would be encouraged to tell me I couldn't grow vegetables in the front yard. Another way to be a rebel! Yay!

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