Friday, January 23, 2009

I've been thinking about the garden

When you going to plant it, when you going to plant it? (to paraphrase the White Stripes).

I don't know exactly when I will be planting, except for potatoes (March 17) but I ordered seeds last night from Baker Creek Heirloom and Botanical Interests. The cool thing about Botanical Interests is that I was able to pick a not-for-profit group from a list to which a donation from my sale would be credited. That was nerve wracking- I had to research the various listed places to see where my donation would be most needed. I finally chose Granny's Garden School in Loveland OH.

From Botanical Interests:
Basil Greek Yevani Organic Seed
Basil Purple Petra Organic Seed
Sunflower Flash Blend Organic Seed
Kale Italian Nero Toscana Organic Seed

From Baker Creek:
Tiger Eye
Shin Kuroda 5 inch
Crowder Peas
Jet Black
Six Week Purple Hull
Thai Round Purple
Asian Greens
Shanghai Green Choy
Black Hungarian
Doux D'Espagne or Spanish Mammoth
Ashe County Pimiento
Winter Squash
Red Kuri (Hokkaido)
Cherokee Purple
Black Cherry
Mary Robinsons German Bicolor

From Johnny's Select Seeds:
Deep Purple and Ishikura improved bunching onions.

I also ordered beneficial nematodes from Bugalogical Control Systems. These should help me control the squash bugs, grubs and flea beetles.

We will also put in potatoes and sweet potatoes, and I may try collard greens again. Last time they didn't do very well, but hope springs eternal.


Robbyn said...

ok, those hollyhocks are gorgeous, as is your flowerbed photo!!! girl, girl! :)

Willa said...

Thanks. That picture is about 2 years old, and almost all of those gorgeous hollyhocks are gone. The space is full of poppies now. I think I will plant more Hollyhocks this year.