Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1000 thanks!

On April 3, I was greatly honored when this blog was named by JD of Walk It Off
as one of her favorites. I was very pleased, because I think JD is one of the most level headed, terrific people I know. We have been friends for about 15 years, and I know I can rely on her absolutely for virtually anything.

I do want to apologize to her for not getting this post done sooner, but I am hoping for forgiveness when I explain the reason I am so tardy. I started a new job on April 6, one JD will approve of since it requires me to walk. Constantly. All over. I am working temporarily for the Census Bureau, verifying addresses for the 2010 census. Today it is raining, though, and cold, so I am putting off my long distance walking until tomorrow, when the forecast is for warmth and blue skies.

Here are the rules as established (or discovered) at this blog
If you're interested in nominating other bloggers for the award, here are some guidelines:
  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!

  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post and let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

  4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
And here are the blogs I would like to pass the honor on to as well. It's an eclectic bunch, but I am an eclectic person! The list is in no special order.

Craft Gossip Crochet- JD's other blog. I mostly knit or weave these days- (actually I mostly think about knitting or weaving), but I like this one because it is so well researched and offers so much!

Another favorite craft blog is Hook Hand and Heart, written by another highly creative woman I am privileged to know in the real world.

Robbyn, at the Back Forty is always trying something in her move towards independence. I admire her courage.

A Little Greener Every Day is written by another Robin, and I learn something new from her every time I read a post.

"Where Ordinary Women become Eco-Heroes" is the subtitle of The Green Phone Booth. A team effort by a group of 5 young women, posts cover a variety of topics relating to going green.

The information on Farm Girl Fare is always excellent, but the pictures are spectacular. Or maybe I am just partial to cute little lambs, donkeys, etc.

I don't have a Golden Retriever, but I still love A Dog's Life, the Real Story. I do have rescued dogs, so maybe that's why.

They are building bee hives over at (not so) Urban Hennery. Another woman doing something to move towards her goal of independence- I am humbled. Why am I so lazy?

At Shrike and Whozat, you will find pictures of a sweetheart, 4 month old baby who just had heart surgery. Besides knowing baby and both moms in real life, I am blown away by the openness with which readers are invited into the family. Plus, they have nice dogs. (However, once you have the baby, you never again take a picture of the dogs, so you'll have to look at my blog If a Dog's Dream's came true, bones would rain from the sky to see them!)

And finally, Sharon Astyk, at Casaubon's Book. Her topics are interesting, her writing a joy to read. Her recent post on Eating Animal Products Ethically says everything I want to say, in a way I would give my eyeteeth to say it.

There are other blogs I read, also deserving of awards. But the rain has stopped, and I have to go canvass some addresses!


Whozat said...

Aw shucks, Willa - Thank you so much!

And, lol about the dog photos. Too true.

Do pictures of the baby riding the dog count?

Willa said...

I speak from experience- we have 3 years of dog photos, then only kids. Now we have dog pics again!

jd said...

you are my second friend who is working the census! now, she won't walk with me! rats! i guess someone has to count us. thanks for all the kind words...

Julia said...


Willa, what gardeners you and Chuck have become over the years! Your last Missouri garden that I remember, was small, and sported a goddess statue that I still envy. Sigh, I can't believe you didn't give me that before you moved to PA.

I am interested in your solar bird bath. Rob and I have a beautiful blue birdbath (that would perfectly match your ceramic pot/s)that is huge and deep. We put a big rock in it each summer but only the crows brave it.

Well, I'm impressed. All we can say here in MN is that the grass is finally starting to green up. To celebrate Earth Day, we went to the garden center and got four packs of violas to plant next to The Garden Buddha. I think pansies have become so huge, that they don't even look like themselves any more. Yes, not native plants, but a taste of spring in a place where it's slow to come.

We are supposed to have an unusually warm day tomorrow, and will be walking at the wetland.

There were two ducks in our front yard when we came home with the flowers, and they left us a bit of fertilzer.

Nice blog!

Robbyn said...

Hey girl! I finally got some time to check in and wow, thank you so much for the award !! And now to sit back with my tea and catch up with your posts, yay :)