Sunday, May 3, 2009

Red in tooth and claw

I'd like to think that I understand the circle of life, and the basic facts surrounding prey and predator. But understanding or no, I really hated it when our dog Boodles found the nest of baby bunnies in the potato patch this past week.

Here's a picture with Chuck's finger in it for scale. Most of the bunnies were not hurt. We hope we haven't disturbed the nest so that the mother won't return. I wonder how I will feel about that decision when the bunnies attack the greens...

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Whozat said...

Poor bunnies!

BigGaloot got a pregnant bunny last spring - when I was about two months pregnant!

I was no less distressed when I heard about the mama possum with babies that they got last night.

Ugh. Will they be going after toddler wildlife next spring?