Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signs of Spring

Helleborus- common name Lenten Rose

The Vernal Equinox is tomorrow- spring arrives for me at 7:44 tomorrow morning.

Here's what the day before spring looks like around here.

Salvia- common name Sage New sage leaves amongst the old;

Foeniculum vulgare- common name Bronze Fennel Miniature Bronze fennel fronds;

Alchemilla-  common name Ladies Mantle Ladies Mantle;

Earth Mother watching over daffodils The Earth Mother watches over daffodils;

Dicentra- common name Bleeding Heart The bleeding hearts get huge each year, despite their small start.

Aquilegia- common name ColumbineColumbine;

Rheum rhabarbarum, common name Rhubarb And a rhubarb leaf about the size of a quarter.
HemerocallisDay lilies;

And the robins are out in force. Actually, the grackles and starlings arrive the same day as the robins, sometimes even a bit before, and are as much a harbinger of spring.

What does spring look like at your house?

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