Monday, March 23, 2009

Carrots, onions, tatsoi, pak choi, all in the ground today.

I like gardening best when I am the planner and Chuck does the work. However, this year I've vowed to shoulder my share of the responsibilities, even if it means getting dirt under my fingernails.
Over the weekend I built a very small raised bed for my carrots, and I planted 2 rows today. I'll plant another row every other week, so we should have carrots maturing most of the season. It's still pretty cool here- we were in the 40's today, and our average date for last frost is April 15.

Carrot bed

I also planted my Asian greens- a double row of Tatsoi, and a double row of Pak Choi. They will get thinned down to 1 plant per 6 inch block. The thinnings will be tasty!

I also planted a row each of red scallions and white. We bought a tool to help us plant out tiny seeds- it's shown on the top of the seed packets in the top picture.
carrot bed with onions behind them

My little tomato, pepper, basil and squashes are looking pretty good under the lights.

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