Sunday, March 29, 2009

How did you observe Earth Hour?

Chuck and I ate tacos by candle light, and then took the dogs for a walk.
Here is an article about how Calgary observed, and here is one about New York City and Time's Square. Here is a map of US Cities who participated- I'm proud that in Harrisburg, PA, the capitol dome lights were to be turned off. Below is a video taken at various places across New Zealand and Fiji.

Now, what is our next step? Turning off the lights for one hour on one evening is a wasted gesture if it doesn't engender further conservation. Here and here are some suggestions. Why not pick one and work on it for April. In May, add another. My pledge for April has to do with the laundry. We already wash in cold water, and have an energy efficient front loading machine. So in order to get more reduction of energy in the laundry area, I'll be drying my clothes on the line.


jd said...

On April 3, you blog will be honored (I hope you'll find it an honor) with an award from my blog:

Please check it out to see the rules and find out why I selected your blog for an award!

Melinda said...

Great idea to take it to the next level, Willa!! And it sounds like you had a lovely hour, too. I think we'll go back to having dinner by candlelight and making it more personally meaningful next year.