Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Dog Blogging- The Slime Machines

It's been a while since I was able to do Weekend Dog Blogging, and while I was gone, Sweet Nicks discontinued it. But I have this lovely picture, so I figured, why not post. We spent last week in Missouri, visiting family, and Juniper had her first lengthy interaction with other dogs in a non-kennel environment. Here she is hanging out with the Slime Machines, AKA Beefy and Sequoia. Everyone had a good time, Juniper was a good pack member. Unfortunately, she stayed at the dog spa and got her bath BEFORE meeting these drool masters...

I tell you, walking in Bart's house is like wading in a river of dog- there's always one right in front of you and you have to just push on through with your thighs.

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Robbyn said...

Hey, Willa...where are you?? I"m really missing reading your blog updates! I've been out of commission for this and that reason lately, but I always look forward to seeing how you are!

Hope you're well :)