Tuesday, May 1, 2007


This 1s why I love Spring...And it's all in my backyard. Happy May Day.grape leaves- who ever imagined they were so pretty?
Lilac ; not purple, but lovely all the same
Viburnum- and does it ever smell wonderful~
Violets- one of my favorites- I trained Chuck and the kids to mow around them when in bloom
Bacchus and the grape- Chuck's god of wine

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Willa said...

Someone asked me what the white blob was in the picture called Bacchus and the grape, Chuck's god of wine. It's a decorative head of the god Bacchus, or Dionysius, depending on whether or not you like the Greek or the Roman gods. I bought it for Chuck to hang in the grape vine. During the growing season, when the leaves are thick on the vine, you can barely see it. I like things that appear mysterious.