Monday, April 23, 2007

Day Two- Penny-wise Eat Local Challenge

You know, I think I committed a cardinal sin yesterday, and didn't post the link to get to the Eat Local Challenge. I'll correct that now.

I also forgot to link to an article on that blog by Heather C, Eating the Lawn, who used a different part of the dandelion for part of her first Eat Local day.

Now, on to Day 2.
Since the Attack of the Muffin Woman back in September, I have been trying to keep muffins on hand for us to eat for breakfast. So after dinner last night I whipped up a dozen cherry zucchini muffins for this week. Alas, I burnt the bottoms. But we ate them anyway. I also baked some flatbreads for lunches this week. They turned out great, but sweeter than I would have liked. Everything I did yesterday was just a little bit off- not bad, just not quite as good as I had hoped.

The Menu:
Breakfast: Cherry Zucchini muffin
Lunch: Flatbread with pork roast, green onion, provolone and hot pepper goat cheese
Dinner: Chicken Corn soup with chard and black eyed peas.

The local items:
cherries- $0.50-picked and dried myself-
Zucchini- $0.01- from our garden last year, frozen
honey- $0.84; I used 1.5 cups, $4.50 per quart
Eggs- $0.40
Yogurt- $0.24
pork roast- $3.06 (approximately 1/4 what was left over from last night)
green onion- $0.50, we used 2 at $0.25 each
goat cheese- $2.14; used about 1/4 of the chunk we bought, and it cost $8.55.
I have to figure the soup separately, because it will be 2 meals (And it was REALLY good, BTW)-
Chicken- $1.00 (The chicken cost $4.00, this was 1 cup of chicken, about 1/4 of the total)
Corn- $0.75- I used the frozen kernels of 3 ears, usually $3.00 per dozen ears during the summer here.
Chard- $0.01- from our garden and frozen last fall
Black Eyed Peas- $0.56- canned by a processor about 25 miles from here. I dither about including these in the Local category. Local they may be, but who knows where those peas were grown.
$5.32 total for the soup, $2.66 for the portion we ate tonight

Semi-local ingredients:
Flour $ 0.55, used 4 cups total $0.55 a pound.

Not At All Local:
Chicken Broth $3.00- used 1.5 quarts, $2.00 per quart. This is Industrial Organic, and I guess I need to start making my own broth. (This is figured into the cost of the soup above)
Provolone $1.86, used approximately 1/4 pound, $7.45 a pound.

Day 2 total- $12.76.

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