Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day 3 Penny-Wise Eat Local Challenge

Hellebore, or Lenten Rose

I love my garden. It's the best part of living in this house. About 6 years ago we put in a pond, and constructed a man-made creek that falls from a waterfall at the edge of the backyard.
Chuck ran a hose under the creek to pump water from the pond up to the waterfall; with the flip of a switch we can have moving water. When I got home from work tonight, Juniper and I went out to sit in the yard and watch the birds bathe in the creek. The hostas and Solomon's Seal are poking their noses up, the Lilies of the Valley will be blooming soon. Bleeding Hearts bend over the creek, and the Lenten Rose is in full bloom. My favorite? Tonight it was the tiny flower of the wild ginger, unobtrusive and unseen. The picture was taken with my cell phone- sorry it is a little blurry. I didn't crop out my thumb so you could get an idea of scale.)

Eat Local:
One thing I have noticed already, I feel like this is more meat than I usually eat. Ordinarily, I will eat hummus and pita for lunch, or a pita covered with spinach and cheese melted over it. But since the hummus and spinach aren't local, I have skipped them this week.

OK, on with Day 3

The Menu:

Breakfast: Muffin, just like yesterday (And I just realized I included the cost of the whole muffin batch in yesterday's total, so I guess they are free the rest of the week!)
Lunch: pork roast sandwich with jalapeno jack cheese, (Chuck had cheddar), root beer
Dinner: Pasta with beef, onions and mushrooms in a roasted tomato sauce
Snack: Yogurt with cherries

The Local Items:

Pork roast $3.06 (About 1/4 of what was left over from Sunday)
cheese $1.23 ($4.33 for the total chunk of Jack, used about 1/10th of it, $8.00 for the chunk of cheddar, we used about 1/10 of it)
beef- $3.32; ($5.00 for the total, we ate about 2/3 the amount prepared)
Pasta- $0.76 ($1.15 for the total used, we ate about 2/3 the amount prepared)
Mushrooms- $0.33 ($0.50 for two, we ate about 2/3 the amount prepared)
green onion $0.33 ($0.50 for two, we ate about 2/3 the amount prepared)
Roasted tomato sauce-$0.10; made last August and frozen
Yogurt $0.24
Cherries $0.50; (Picked and canned last summer)

Sadly, not local
Hanks Root Beer, $1.00; made in Philadelphia- misses being in my foodshed by about 45 miles. Price is an estimate- I need to go do a price check tomorrow. We do have a local root beer, made by the Appalachian Brewing Company. It's pretty tasty.
Bread $0.52; I'm really bummed about this- I thought it was a local bread made in Lancaster PA. Turns out the bakery is about 45 miles out of my foodshed, but also is a subsidiary of G. W. Weston, which owns the companies that make Thomas Bagels and English muffins, Boboli, and Entenmanns.
Total for the day: $11.39

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